ArtBike "Colorstorm"

The ArtBike “Colorstorm” was produced in collaboration with Marcel Ferraro for the renowned bicycle manufacturer Campagnolo. The tires were sponsored by tire manufacturer Schwalbe.



„Retrospektive AbstraktPop” at Landratsamt Tuttlingen, 2016

German Bike and NSU Museum in Neckarsulm, 2017

Finally, the ArtBike will be exhibited permanently at Campagnolo in Vicenza, Italy.

Technical specifications


Year of origin 2016
only carbon parts installed
Value 35 to 50 000 euros
Frame FR3SPRT Strada Carbonio Leggera
Weight about 1050 grams unpainted
Frame size 56, mobile 175 to 185 body size
Permitted driver weight 120 kg
Circuit Group Campagnolo “Super Record”
Wheels Campagnolo BORA
Tires Schwalbe Pro One


via Campagnolo
The traditional Italian company Campagnolo is the most important manufacturer of bicycle technology. At 62 Tour de France since World War II, 40x drivers won with “material” from Campagnolo. The remaining 22 share 6 manufacturers, including Shimano.

The brand name is often abbreviated to “Campa”. The company was founded in 1933 by Tullio Campagnolo and today is managed by his son Valentino Campagnolo.

Campagnolo currently produces only the highest quality components for racing bikes. There are no finer switching groups and components on the market. Just the thing for an Artbike. Perfect technology in perfect design!

Used art
The basis for the Campagnolo Super Artbike is the artwork “Orange Colorstorm” an abstract acrylic painting on canvas and measures 200 x 50 cm.