A small anecdote from Carl Spitzweg’s life: A visitor to his studio said: On this image I can not get enough of me. Then Spitzweg: “. I do not, and that’s why I sell it” Whoever acquires a picture of me, always gets a piece of me. The picture will enliven the space and radiate energy, a positive effect on the surroundings.


A particular image is always a State of Mind, having a cosmo political statement and at the same time an investment, an asset and an inspiration for your daily life. I am delighted when a picture like and value is estimated. So I hate to me from an image separate, so it makes me happy even if it acquires someone and I know it is in good hands.


Each AbstraktPop plant is unique and original. Even if the collage will be implemented in a modified composition, other colors and different size. Because even the base of each plant is a unique abstract work. Already 25% of my paintings are commissioned works.


Be creative and therefore influence an artistic composition with claim. This applies not only for the PopArts but also for abstract color compositions. Each work is accompanied by a certificate.


  • If you are enthusiastic about a picture in one of my exhibitions or on this website, please do not hesitate to contact me.
  • Are you interested in a specific subject or have a certain size, you favorisierenn so I can gladly tell you where a matching Factory is issued and send you photos. I am happy to present to you along with a PDF available works.
  • Visit me in my studio in my portfolio you will find one or another “treasure”.
  • Complete Series you get special conditions. Talk from me, anything goes.
  • Of course you can handle images, series or commissions also a gallery.


… Write me, let yourself be inspired by my work and influence your daily mood positive.

Your Bernd Luz