The 90's

Electronic developments such as active chassis and traction control systems and ABS established themselves at the beginning of the 1990’s, with Williams Renault leading the field in this respect. These advances were complemented by developments in aerodynamics. Speeds increased to more than 17,000/min. However, driving aids were prohibited again for the 1994 season.


The drawing board had become redundant, and racing cars were now developed on the computer. Computer controls provided assistance for drivers.


A driver makes his debut in Spa in 1991 who will tower over Formula One for the coming decade. He is eliminated during this race for Jordan – but his Formula One career is launched here. Michael Schumacher gains the World Champion title seven times with Benetton and Ferrari.


In the USA, it is the team of Chip Ganassi which dominates the CART sport for years from the end of the 1990’s and on into the new millennium.


Development of road vehicles is increasingly influenced by consumption and gasoline substitutes, with Toyota unveiling the first series hybrid vehicle in 1997 which is suitable for everyday use. The problem remains the large batteries and the related loss of space in the vehicle luggage compartment.