Mercedes-Benz – The Magazine
October '17

“Colour poet, style esthete and free spirit: Bernd Luz creates works of art that radiate joie de vivre. They are colorful and full of energy, show countries, people and often vehicles. His exhibition “Stern-Legenden” can currently be seen in the new Classic Center of the Munich branch…”

April '17

“Bernd Luz is one of the most important contemporary Pop Art artists. …”

Dez. '16 - Jan. '17

“… Some outstanding Pop Art artists such as Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns were active in the advertising industry and were able to artistically benefit from the experience they had there. Bernd Luz, born in 1966, is also active in this field and is today one of the most important contemporary pop art artists. …”


“… In his works, Luz draws on cult images and combines design and art, representation and abstraction. Painting and collage enter into a symbiosis. …”

Schwäbische Zeitung
11. November 2016

“… Bernd Luz proves to be a skilful arranger in bundling what is spatially and temporally disparate, what is stylistically different, what is familiar and what is foreign in a convincing visual statement. …”


“… The artist’s media mix collages sneak into our perception. They arouse emotions, want to please and find their audience. Bernd Luz plays and masters the keyboard of visual seduction. …”


“… And Luz has a lot in common with his famous pioneers – Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg or Jasper Johns. They built bridges that artists continue to cross to this day – including Bernd Luz. They are bridges between the genres of graphics, painting and photography and bridges between the disciplines of art, design and advertising. The form of penetrating reality that Pop Art once initiated also dominates the works of art in this exhibition. …”

Motorworld Bulletin
Oldtimer Messe Berlin 2016

“One can rightly say,
That within a short time to a
The most important German pop artist
has become.”


“… His vehicle pop art
Are already parallel to the Warhol cars
Issued … “

Artmapp-Artmagazine Edition July - Oct 2016

“…Two extraordinary projects of certified designer and Abstract Pop artist Bernd Luz , whose pictures can be seen in many museums and the contemporary as an important pop art and abstract artist applies…”

BMW Scene
Edition July - Sept 2016

“… Bonds and parallels about to Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns are seen not only in the works, but also in the work: Many pop icons came as Bernd Luz originally from the advertising industry …”

Werk1 - Sports / Cars / Culture
May - June 2015

“Meanwhile, he is considered one of the outstanding pop art artist of the 21st century.”


“With the selected designs he wants behind shine the story in a new light and revive the memory in the viewer.”


“With its special media mix technique he uses the themes exceptionally order.” There are, for example, image and text language of original posters translated into our time a picture collage arises “This content” bridge “will be continued in the art:.. Old acrylic technique combined with modern solvent printing technology. “


“He plays with colors, provoked by techniques seduces with scenarios and flirts with contrasts. It is now a real hype about his pictures were taken. They are” cool “,” hip “and” cosmopolitan “.”

Singener Wochenblatt 17 August 2016

“… The artist is given a special artistic touch by three large, blue, green and yellow paintings by the artist Bernd Luz, depicting the symbols of love in an abstract form. Bernd Luz is now one of the most important contemporary pop artists. He exhibits worldwide in museums and galleries. … “

Edition 2016

“… Because he so wanted his exhibition at the Schlumpf museum in Mulhouse Alsace to crown. Bernd Luz is for the” called Cité de L’Automobile “as” one of the most outstanding pop art artists of our time “… “


“… With his pictures he lifted the boundary between life and art on, critics say:” He lets the art in his life and the life in his art – in the spirit of pop art, in their successor, he himself and his works presents “Dagmar Burisch writes in the prologue of the book about Bernd Luz …”
“… in all his works always resonates with humor. in his office becomes clear. aircraft windows are used as a picture frame, Swissair Trolleys as desk cabinet next books, cartoon characters and a shock with drafts of new company logo. the Eurasian Hampton has already made himself comfortable on the sofa … “

Schwäbische Zeitung
28. April 2016

The Neuhauser artist and designer Bernd Luz is just with celebrity support in Mallorca go: Patricia Blanco, daughter of singer Roberto Blanco, wants to open a restaurant on the island. Bernd Luz to take over the facilities and visualization of the concept with its PopArts. Camera crews radio station Vox filming the project … will be to see the pictures in the reality format “Goodbye Germany” …

Golfing around Lake
Edition 2015 Stadler Publisher

“The Popstratege and Farbpoet with petrol in their blood.”


“Bernd Luz is for the Cité de L’Automobile” one of the
“means.” Outstanding Pop Art artists of our time

Schwäbische Zeitung
October 2015

“He’s always on the go and offensive, an apparent workaholic who has in his advertising agency with the creation combines many years working as a visual artist and found in this combination of advertising aesthetics and classical technique its own design and look of pop art.”


“… Indeed Luz linked again directly to the traditions of pop art on … His paintings are large, colorful, wild, aesthetically, pop.”


Perle Stadtmagazin
April / May 2015

“He has quickly developed into a prominent pop art artists of our time. If the name Bernd Luz falls, is a veritable” hype “spoken. It is” cool “,” hip “and” “a” LUZ have cosmopolitan ” . “

February 2014

“… Today Bernd Luz is an artist with an international reputation, who made himself a name in Europe and could arouse the interest of media, including television in Russian-speaking countries who publish him diligently …”

Werk1 - Sports / Cars / Culture
Nov. - Dec. 2016

“… Many of the pop icons like Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg or Jasper Johns originally came from the advertising industry. Bonds and parallels to pop art can also be found in the work of Bernd Luz, especially the deliberate interlacing of design and art. …”

Edition Nov 2015 - Feb 2016

“… Since the year 2012 There are admiring the impressive permanent exhibition of German Pop Art Talents Bernd Luz in Schlump Museum in French Mulhouse. He became one of the crowd pullers in the world’s largest automobile museum with more than 400 vehicles. Manages the Farbpoet a perfect symbiosis between art and design. Its innovative, very individual media mix style convincing by outstanding artistic standards. “


“The award-winning artist Bernd Luz illustrates historical events of automobile racing in a unique pop art style …”

Schwäbische Zeitung
7. February 2015

“Local artist with an international reputation. Bernd Luz from Neuhausen ob Eck is internationally successful with its exhibitions.”


“… are the preferred motifs of Bernd Luz, which in numerous
throughout Germany galleries and exhibitions and can be seen worldwide.”

Business Meridian
June / July 2013

“…Bernd Luz introduced conceptual revolution in building the plots, transferring impression of people, cities, objects by extruding those memories into one plane…”


“…He made a great contribution into our Kazakh national art, being the first to include folk ideas into pop art, the new direction for us…”


“…His two exhibitions in Almaty and Astana gifted to our country new visit cards of two our megalopolises…”


“…He says, life is a game, which can be painted with pictures, which are never been forgotten and will be deposited in the memory of audience as the picture of the world, in direct and indirect sense…”

21. June 2013

“…the works of one of the famous European masters, Bernd Luz,
German designer and artist, are now familiar to Kazakhstan people as well…”

Evening Almaty
20. June 2013

“…His works received international recognition, they are well know and could be found in the most famous international catalogues of design and logo…”