Meet the Artist

Upcoming and Current Exhibitions

For this year there are further great projects and exhibitions planned. Just check this section out every now and then.

October 24th, 2019
National Museum of Kazakhstan
“Ball in Art”, community exhibition
in the capital Nur-Sultan

October 20th, 2019
Bugatti-History, Liechtenstein
Vaduz LI, 11.00 (with invitation)

October 18th, 2019
Motorworld München – Racing Icones
Opening Ceremony (invitation needed)
Drivers- und Business Club Munich

September 12th 2019
Art meets Economy
10.00-17.00 Spaichingen, Heppler CNC Technik
with Tobias Kammerer and Welt der Kristalle

September 19th – 28. March 28th 2020
Exhibition, various Artists, Campus Heilbronn
Vernissage September 19th, 18.00

16. July – 22. September 2019
Exhibition „110 Years Bugatti”
La Metzig, 1 Place de L’hotel de ville
Molsheim, France

Meet the Artist: 2nd of August 15.30 – 16.30
and at the Bugatti Festival 6. – 8. September 2019

Motorworld Munich
September 18th, 2019 Club Opening / Soft Opening
October 18th, 2019 Opening Ceremony

First presentation of the Series Racing Icons with 18 great Racing Legends.

from August 15th 2019

National Day
300 Years of Fürstentum Liechtenstein
“Color your Mind”
FL 9490 Vaduz, Städtle 17

Opening August 15th 2019

2018 – 2022

Community Exhibition World-Tour
Moscow 2018 – Doha FIFA WorldCup 2022
Support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Russian Federation
Exhibition series covering 4 years up to the Soccer-WC 2022


Moscow (May 2019)
Ufa, RU, Nesteroy State Art Museum (July 2019)
Nur-Sultan Nationalmuseum, Kasachstan (from Sept. 16th, 2019)
St. Petersburg (2019)
Baku, Azerbaijan
Geneva, Switzerland
Doha, Qatar

15. – 16. Juni 2019

Motorworld Opening
Kemptthal, Switzerland

27. June – 25. July 2019

AbstraktPop-Exhibition in Buchheim

Vernissage Thursday, June 27,   7 p.m.

Hofmann Wohn- u. Raumkonzepte
88637 Buchheim, Almenweg 10

5. May – 23. June 2019

Community Exhibition by the VBKW

Opening 4. May, 5 pm
Städtische Galerie im Turm, Isny

7. March – 31. May 2019
Exhibition „Automotive & Reloaded PopArt”
See-Spital, Grütstrasse 60, 8802 Kilchberg/Zürich, Switzerland


Vernissage Thursday, 7. March, 6.30 – 9 pm
Encomium: Bettina Schmocker, Art Historian

26. – 28. April 2019
Exhibition on the Box-Roof, Hockenheimring

7. March – 31. May 2019
Exhibition „CarCult” and „Reloaded”
Vernissage 7. March, 6 pm
Zürich, Switzerland

In Planning
Dubai and Abudabi, UAE

Permanent Exhibitions

since January 2019
„Myth Ford Mustang”
Rennsport Roland Asch, Ammerbuch near Tübingen

since November 2018
„125 Years VfB Stuttgart”
In the VIP-Lounge, Mercedes Benz Stadium

since June 2018
Michael Schumacher Homage, Motorworld, Cologne
Exhibition parallel to Michael Schumacher Private Collection

since July 2017
Motorcycle PopArts
Deutsches Zweirad- und NSU-Museum, Neckarsulm

since 5. September 2017
German chamber of foreign trade, St. Petersburg, Russia
PopArt Exhibition „Russian-German Culture”

since September 2016
MoviePop in Cube, Engen

since 2016
Solar Campus / Feinhaid, Freiburg


since 2016
MoviePop in Tuttlingen
Kanzlei Mussgnung, Zeyher, Eisen


since 2014
Nürburgring, Rennsporthotel Lindner

since December 2014
MotorWorld, Stuttgart

since 2014
Dana Estrella, Almaty, Kazakhstan

since January 2014
Motorsport Hils, Schramberg


since April 2014
Autosammlung Steim, Black Forest


since April 2014
Private Exhibition Bertsch, Nowy Sacz / Krakau, Poland


since June 2012
Medienhaus Tuttlingen, Citypop

since 2012
National Museum Cité de l’Automobile, Mulhouse, France

2018    Solo Exhibitions

19. Sept. – 2. Nov. 2018
Joint Exhibition „Homeland”, Landratsamt Tuttlingen

30. August – 2. September 2018
Arosa ClassicCar, Switzerland

May 2018 – October 2018

Huge Joint Exhibition with Klaus-Peter Frank

Museo Mille Miglia, Brescia, Italy
Vernissage and Beginning of the Exhibition Tuesday 8. May, 6 pm

Museo Ferrari, Maranello, Italy
Vernissage Tuesday 7. August, 4.30 pm
Exhibition until 13. August

Centro Fico, Bologna, Italy
Opening Wednesday 15. August
Finissage Thursday 6. September, 6.30 pm

June 2018
Michael Schumacher Homage, Opening Ceremony Motorworld, Cologne
Exhibition parallel to Michael Schumacher Private Collection

28. June – 21. July 2018
Exhibition Foxx Gallery, Zürich


2. June 2018
Exhibition and Auction, Catherine Palace, St. Petersburg
In line with the Ball of Musical Olympus

May – September 2018
The exhibition Soccer-World Championship history.
St. Petersburg, Russia

17. May 2018
Rolls-Royce Opening
Motorworld Böblingen, Stuttgart

May 2018
„ADAC Württemberg Historic”
Racing-Editions in Tuttlingen

20. – 22. April 2018
Exhibition on the Box-Roof, Hockenheimring

4. March – 22. April 2018
„Kreis – Kunst – unterwegs”, Landratsamt Tuttlingen
Opening: Galerie im Bürgerhaus, Renquishausen, Germany

since February 2018
Exhibition in the Motodrom-Hotel of the Hockenheimring

since 7. October 2016
Exhibition at AHG Offenburg

since May 2017
Campagnolo ArtBike
Deutsches Zweirad- und NSU-Museum, Neckarsulm

since 22. July
Mercedes-Benz Classic Center Munich, Germany

2017    Solo Exhibitions

May – October 2017
Wolfsburg, Germany
Dieselstraße 35
„Legends of Le Mans”

March – August 2017
„Porsche Legends”
Porschecenter Almaty
Almaty, Kasachstan

2. – 3. September 2017
Glemseck 101
Exhibition „Motorcycle-Legends” at Glemseck, Solitude

21. – 23. July 2017
Solitude Racing history at the Solitude-Revival
Glemseck, Leonberg

June 2017
ArabellaClassics – Auction of an artwork for the Josef Schörghuber-Stiftung, Schloss Pichlarn, Ennstal

10. – 18. June 2017
MercedesCup Stuttgart

9. May 2017
TV-Show Goodbye Germany on VOX with Patricia Blanko

Vernissage 4. March 2017
Finissage 18. March 2017
„GenerationPop” and „Old Masterpieces Reloaded”
Mauren, Liechtenstein

February 2017
Exhibition, Press conference Mille Miglia 2017
in the Vittoria, Brescia, Italy

2016    Solo Exhibitions

November – December
Vernissage „Retrospektive AbstraktPop” in Landratsamt Tuttlingen
Guidance by the artist, Wednesday 9. November

October – December
Art of Life, Wien, Austria

19. October
Chopard Wien: Mille Miglia

9. October
Motorworld Berlin, Autograph session


5. September 2016 – 22. January 2017
Porschecenter, St. Petersburg, Russia


3. –  4. September
Sportscar Meetup “Heaven Eleven”
3. September: Warm Up im Légère Hotel
4. September: Sportscar Meetup, one of my artworks as 1st price


July – October
Exhibition in Art Center St.Petersburg

11. July 2016 – 27. April 2017
Ferrari, St. Petersburg, Russia

5. July
Transmission Goodbye Deutschland auf VOX

4. July
Opening Café CubiStar in the new CUBE, Engen, permanently with my MoviePop-Series.


2. July
ArabellaClassics – Auction of an artwork for the Josef Schörghuber-Stiftung, Schloss Fuschl, Salzburg.


18. June
WARM-UP on the Opening at the to-be automobileforum of the MOTORWORLD in Munich.


10. June
Costumer at Kaupp in Schramberg – with me and 100 LUZ-MiniPops.


31. May
Exhibition parallel to the presentation of the russian Minister for Economic Affairs in Stuttgart


Russian Federation, Berlin

March – April    
Exhibition „Movies & Motors” MAC Museum Art & Cars
Singen at the Hohentwiel

February – March
„MoviePop” Museum Oberes Donautal,
Vorderes Schloss Mühlheim, Germany

March – October
BMW- and Mini „Alive Racing-History”, AHG Villingen

2015    Solo Exhibitions

29. October
BMW Zürich, Switzerland Exhibition „BMW Racing-History”
Auction of three artworks / Rainforest Art Foundation

since September
MAC-Museum Art and Cars, Singen at the Hohentwiel
Exhibition „Grand Prix History” parallel to BMW Art Cars

September – October
Museum Boxenstop, Tübingen, Special Exhibition

June – November
Rathaus Neuhausen ob Eck


June – December
BMW / AHG Tuttlingen, new BMW-Artworks


12. – 14. June
MV Agusta Club (Giacomo Agostini-Werke)
Klassikwelt Bodensee, Friedrichshafen


April – May
Exhibition in the Concert Hall of Wiener Sängerknaben,
Muth – Musik und Theater, Wien


April – August
Porschezentrum Reutlingen „Faszination Porsche”


22./23. May
„Heaven Eleven” Sportscar-Meetup, Neuhausen ob Eck,
Organizer: Werk1


May – September
MAC-Museum Art and Cars, Singen at the Hohentwiel
Exhibition Mercedes-Artworks
parallel to Mercedes ANDY WARHOL.Cars


January – June
„BMW- and Racing-Classics”,
BMW-Establishment Stuttgart and for the
Trade Association Nordwürttemberg / Stuttgart (22. January)

2014    Solo Exhibitions

November – January
Parkinghotel St. Leonhard, Überlingen at Lake of constance


8. – 12. October
Book fair Frankfurt, Presentation of my calendars

Germany Ambassy Astana, Kasachstan, Artwork acquisition

20. September
Museumsnacht Hegau-Schaffhausen, Town hall Singen


30. August. – 1. September
Porsche Artworks Nürburgring for Porsche Clubs


25. June. – 9. July
Has Sanat Gallery Astana, Kasachstan


12. – 14. June
Junghans Zeitreisen at the Klassikwelt Bodensee


3. – 31. May
Red Bull Kasachstan, Seric Boxicov, Esentai Building, Almaty


4. April – 29. June
QDZ Schaffhausen, Switzerland


since April
Private Exhibition Bertsch, Nowy Sacz / Krakau, Poland


28. March
Auction for the ZSE/Uniklinikum Tübingen
with Horst Köhler (Federal President of Germany)


13. – 16. March
Mercedes Classics / Mercedes 300SL Club
at Retro Classics


MAC Museum Singen / Südwestdeutsche Kunststiftung,
Acquisition of multiple artworks


20. January – 26. February
Hohenzollerische Landesbank, Sigmaringen

2013    Solo Exhibitions

German Consulate General of Kasachstan, Almaty

September – April
Dr. Schnutenhaus, Hilzingen, Hegau

June – July
Almaty National Museum of Kasachstan, Acquisition of artworks

2011   Solo Exhibitions

17. September
Museumsnacht Hegau-Schaffhausen, Schaffhausen, Switzerland


7. May
125 Years Automobile – 125 Days Exhibition in Hotel Unger, Stuttgart

Previous Years, Individual Exhibitions

KSK Tuttlingen – Individual Exhibition CityPop


Freilichtmuseum Neuhausen, Aquarelle

Awards in Design and Graphics

Many design-awards and publications in
international design-magazines for graphics / signets.
2x Advertisment-Professional in Gold, 1x Silver, 2x Bronze (2009-2013)
Detailed List –> Awards.

Awarded Films

1st Place Schweizer Jugendfilmtage – Presentation of a film in the cinema, Zürich


Innerschweizer Filmtage – Presentation of an awarded film


SRG (Schweizer Rundfunkgesellschaft) – TV Transmission of a clip


Special price City Frankfurt – Presentation of an awarded film at the cinema Frankfurt