German Bike and NSU Museum, Neckarsulm

PopArt exhibition “Motorcycle Legends”

Since 1 August 2017, the German NSU and Zweiradmuseum in Neckarsulm is showing an exciting, colorful, but also informative PopArt exhibition on motorcycle legends. Featured are topics such as the NSU success story on the Solitude circuit in Stuttgart, a homage to Werner Haas, the 3-time world champion on NSU. Several works are dedicated to the most successful motorcyclist in history, Giacomo Agostini – “Ago”. They were even signed by the 15 times record world champion. Other exciting motifs: The first German TT winner on the Isle of Man, Georg Meier, Dieter Braun, Toni Mang or Valentino Rossi.

By means of a QR code on the respective PopArt can be informed about the background. For each work, there is either a special website or a film about the subject is deposited.

Individual pictures can be purchased there. Since April, the Campagnolo Art Bike has been a highlight in the bicycle exhibition.
Always worth a visit

The German NSU and two-wheeler museum shows a fascinating journey through the history of cycling and motorcycles. With 400 exhibits over 2000 square meters it shows the largest historical collection of two-wheeled vehicles in Germany.

In the former castle of the Teutonic Order of the 16th century, you can follow the development of the bicycle from the Draisian running machine to the imposing high-level bikes to the first “low-security bicycles”. Discover the beginning of motorisation with the Daimler riding car and the legends of mobility like the world’s first production gasoline motorcycle. The collection is completed by world record machines, rocket bikes and world champion motorcycles. A lively encounter with the theme of mobility on two wheels.