Series - mustang

Cult for over 50 years – the pony conquers a generation

No decade stands for the youthful revolt and the breakout of old patterns like the 1960s. In addition to the hippie movement, feminism and the introduction of the pill, the buzzwords include

the 60s especially the Rolling Stones and worldwide student movements.
So the first Mustang models still stand for a very special attitude towards life.

The Mustang was extremely popular right from the start. After just one day in the market, 22,000 orders were placed and in less than two years, over a million cars were sold. Thanks to the attractive image of the then new series, Ford succeeded in introducing a classic that has lost none of its coolness today.

The name “Mustang” comes from a suggestion by the leading stylist John Najjar, based on the Second World War fighter plane “Mustang”. Since the name “Mustang” was protected by trademark law for the companies Krupp and Kreidler, it was sold in Germany as “T5” until 1979.