History of Medicine – Milestones

The history of medicine is also the history of
Doctors and diseases – the knowledge and errors
of medical science.

The models of Chinese medicine with energy channels and
6 yin and 6 yang organs and the basic model of Indian medicine with its chakras have changed little over the past 2000 years.

The Greek and Roman four-juice teaching (the balance of black bile, yellow bile, blood and mucus) continued with us until the 18th century. Our current view of the body is the view from biochemical systems. Our essential knowledge of the body has emerged over the past 500 years, important milestones include the breaking of religious regulations and thus anatomical studies through dissection, the development of the microscope, means for pain relief and antiseptic measures. In the development of the past 200 years, one can speak of quantum leaps.

My PopArt series “History of Medical Technology” is a tribute to important and famous doctors and medical professionals who have shaped world history. Many discoveries and developments significantly influenced world civilization.

I have several important medical pioneers and doctors
selected for this art series.