356 Series

MixedMedia / Acrylic on Canvas
on 1.8” / 45 mm Wooden Museum Frame
63” x 43” / 160 x 110 cm

Porsche Konstruktionen GmbH in Gmünd (Austria) produced the first Porsche 356 in 1948, a hand-crafted model. Two years later, Porsche relocated to Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen in Germany. The engine, transmission and front axle were VW developments. The Porsche 356 was produced in several model generations, with all variants having a 4-cylinder rear engine and rear wheel drive. 1954 saw the introduction of the Speedster (initially only for export to the USA).


Porsche exploited motorsport from the outset to increase awareness of its vehicles and to test new technology under the severe conditions of motor racing. The new enterprise had already gained over 400 racing successes in the mid-1950’s. In June 1951, two Porsche 356/4 SL Coupé cars were entered in the 24 Hours of Le Mans where they scored a one-two victory in the displacement class up to 1.1 litres. This race marked the beginning of a long affiliation, and right up until today, racing cars from Porsche have participated in every Le Mans competition.


Following construction of 76,302 cars, production of the 356 series ended in April 1965. It was succeeded by the Porsche 911 – the Nine Eleven.