President of Kazakhstan Qassym-Schomart Toqajev
Photos Christian Grosse, State Director of Liberal Medium-Sized Businesses Berlin

28th meeting of the Eurasian Club on December 6, 2019 in Berlin
Photo presentation to the Kazakh President Qassym-Schomart Toqajev

The East Committee – Eastern European Association of German Business e.V. has invited to the meeting of the Berlin Eurasian Club in the AXICA Congress and Conference Center in Berlin.

I was asked to create a PopArt for the President as a symbol of the bond between the two countries. So also the title of the work: “Connectedness”. PopArt symbolizes the connection between Kazakhstan and Germany. It is inspiring, energetic, diverse, harmonious, cultural and at the same time modern. Just as the cooperation between the two countries should be. Kazakh and German motifs can be found in PopArt. Despite the great variety of motifs, a harmonious whole was created in which everything is coordinated.

The President was visibly surprised and very pleased with the gesture. I see my art as a bridge between the two cultures.