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New York Auto Museum Opening 2022

In 2022 the automobile museum will open in the heart of New York City – in Manhatten. Part of the museum is an Automotive PopArt exhibition with the works of Bernd Luz.
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The museum

Our proposed 200,000+ square-foot Manhattan location is set to impress as a modern circa 2020-2021 facility. With a massive rooftop patio and partial glassed floors; NYA visitors get to see above and beneath many of the vehicles on display. An original exclusive world 1st allows you to sit in any one of up to 100 vehicles at anytime.

The New York Auto Museum is designed to change the way you think about an Automotive Museum.


NYA is working to forge partnerships that include OEMs; Media Conglomerates, Automotive Aficionados, Race Car Drivers, Race Car Team Owners, Fortune 500 companies, Automotive Journalists, The Public, VIPs, the State of New York & NYC & Co., NYS, NYGrants, NY Dealer Associations and the NY AutoShow.