Poster Remake


German Airways

Remake of the advertising poster by Willy Hanke from the 1930s. I replaced the aircraft motif with a Lockheed Constellation (first flight in 1943), which was once considered the most beautiful passenger aircraft in the world. As a background element, I have integrated the Flufthansa summer flight schedule from 1939.


ca. 1930 – 1939


Super star towards America

In my remake, strongly based on the original poster, I highlighted the very small symbol of the Statue of Liberty and omitted the other small elements.
As in the original poster, the aircraft shows a Starliner, or in Germany “Super Star” (the last model of the Constellation series), the flagship of Lufthansa at that time and the most modern large aircraft at that time.


ca. 1958

Airship Zeppelin


Remake of the Hamburg-America Line advertising poster by Ottomar Anton.
5 years later, on May 6, 1937, the era of civil air navigation ended with the explosion of the “Hindenburg” shortly before landing at New York in Lakehurst (New Jersey). The cause is still not fully understood.


ca. 1932

Dornier Super Wal

Records du Monde

With the Italian-born Swiss artist Patrick Lo Giudice with a focus on painting, collage, photography and encaustic, community exhibitions are being planned.

He became known to a wider public for the first time through the “The Lo Giudice Code” cycle, which is controversial because of the motif, wax pictures based on photographs of famous mafia murders.



A.E.I – Aero Espresso Italiana

Dornier Wal

Aero Espresso Italiana, also known as AEI or Aeroespresso del Levante, was the first airline in the Kingdom of Italy. It was founded as a private company for the Brindisi-Athens-Istanbul route; later a second route was flown to Rhodes. The company existed from 1923 to 1935. Flights were carried out from 1926.


ca. 1930