Premier Grand Prix Automobile de Monaco

MixedMedia / Acrylic on Canvas
on 1.8” / 45 mm Wooden Museum Frame
63” x 43” / 160 x 110 cm

“The date is the 14 April 1929. The location is Monte Carlo where we are witness to the first Monaco Grand Prix – a race that will go down in history. The focus is on the legendary Bugattis which have garnered so many successes and are regarded as the favourites in this race.


Our excitement rises as we take up our positions on the street and wait for the first car to enter the curve. The narrow and winding streets make overtaking difficult to near impossible. Not even the smallest driving error goes unpunished. It’s an enthralling race in which, in the main, the Bugattis lead the field. For 100 laps and almost 4 hours, we watch with feverish excitement until William Grover-Williams, the British driver, crosses the finishing line in first position in a Bugatti T35B”.


Originating in Molsheim, Alsace, the T35 has gone down in history as the most successful racing car of all times.


Ettore Bugatti, an Italian by birth, established his automobile factory in 1909 in Molsheim, Alsace, which at the time was part of the German Empire, reverting to France after the Great War. Bugatti became famous for his enormous success in early Grand Prix races which, in addition to the first Monaco Grand Prix and many others, included two one-two victories in the 24 Le Mans with the drivers Jean- Pierre Wimille in 1937 and Pierre Veyron in 1939.