Series Tuttlingen PopArts

Fancy Tuttlingen

Mediamix / Acryl on canvas
160 x 110 cm

The 4-page PopArt shows something very special
Danube city from the “frog’s perspective”.

A small virtual city tour:

The ruin Honberg (built around 1470, in the crenellated tower, according to legend, the spirit of the “Kischtämännle” still goes around today),
the town hall (designed in 1804 by Carl Leonhard von Uber after the city fire),
the Jörg Bach-Skulpur “meeting” at the district office,
the 100 years Großbruck, the fountain in the Danube and the Danube,
the Kannitverstan by Roland Martin,
The Pyramid Fountain at the Market Square by Martin Rissler,
the TuWass and the university,
the Kischtämännle fountain at Paradies Platz,
the Old Festival Hall,
the freestanding bell tower of the Maria Königin,
the former Württemberg fruit box,
the Stadthalle, the Aesculapplatz and the Stadtkirche,
the surgery mechanic sculpture (also from
R. Martin) and the Kulturhaus Altes Krematorium.

Fancy Tuttlingen – Edition


Print on canvas
on 45 mm museum wedge frame
120 x 120 cm
limited to 20 copies
numbered and signed by hand

Fancy Tuttlingen 1643


Mediamix / Acryl on canvas
160 x 60 cm

A reinterpretation of the copper engraving “Tutlingen”
by Matthew Merian d. Ä.
From the “Topographia Sueviae”: That is descriptive
and Actual Abcontrafeitung of the most recent Stätt and
Places in Upper and Nider Schwaben. Hertzogthum Würtenberg Marggraffschafft
Baden and others to the Hochlöbl.

Many thanks for submitting an original print to the Tuttlinger Haus.

Einladung für den Gewerbe- und Handelsverein PRO Tuttlingen e.V.

Fancy Honberg

Mediamix / Acryl on canvas
160 x 60 cm