Traditionally coming from advertising and internationally known for his interpretation of Pop-Art into the 21st century, he masters the balancing act towards abstract art works There he goes into the visionary, diffuse with his paintings - knowing that only the willingness to work characterized by an inspiring alternating tension. in the unknown enables artistic utopia and freedom. An artist on the throw-off. Museo Ferrari Maranello, Italy VfB Stuttgart PopArt-Series 125 Years i8 ArtCar „iGlacier” Catherine Palace St. Petersburg, Russia First European Artist Biggest German 2 wheel- and NSU Museum Legends of Le Mans Museum Volkswagen Wolfsburg, Germany National States Museum of Kazakhstan Meet the Artist


World Pop

Mediamix auf Leinwand
auf 45 mm Museumskeilrahmen
200 x 90 cm

Das WorldPop symbolisiert die bunte Vielfalt der Welt durch eine Auswahl architektonischer Meisterwerke.